Think outside the box: Use Ninjaflex with LEDs and textiles

First Print with Ninjaflex and LED-Backlight Illumination

There are several materials to use with 3D printers. Most of the time I use PLA in my prints, but there is also ABS (the „Lego“-material), PMMA and Plexiglas. There is also this comparable new thing called Ninjaflex. It can be used as any other filament, but the result is flexible. Astonishingly flexible!



I use it with my Replicator Clone and an unmodified extruder. The only difference to the PLA is a slightly lower Temperature of about 222°.

A friend of mine had the idea to integrate these prints in textiles. Well, there are people doing that already, so nothing new at all. But: Why not combining it with electronics? Used stuff, as usual. This time: Old/broke LCD Backlights from various phones. These give fancy light effects and can add a unique style to your outfit. In this case one can seperate the backlight of a broken iPhone LCD for example. Those are – if not for free available in repair-shops – available for 2-5€ at Ebay. Those backlights have 6 edge-coupled LEDs in a row shining inside the BEF (Brights Enhancement Film).


This BEF assures a homogenous light distribution. It consists of multiple layers which diffuses the incoming light and guides it from the one side to the other by using the principle of TIR (total internal reflection). Little prism in its surface breaks the internal reflection, thus the light scatters in all directions and delivers the light for the LCD.

The illumination is controlled by an Arduino, which itself switches a Relais. Due to the 12 V necessary to power up the LEDs there is a Step-Up Converter serving the „high“ voltage. It gets enabled by the Arduino-Relais combination.

Next step will be to sew the part into a jacket.




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