Holoscop V3 – Sony Wifi-Cam as lensless Microscope (R.I.P)

2015-10-06 15.25.06.jpg

Realizing the Microscope using a Smartphones camera makes removing all lenses necessary, thus one needs to destroy a usually working phone.

Even though it’s open-source it’s really expensive. So why not finding a solution which still uses a smartphone, but only for processing raw data which is coming from a 3rd party device. Looking for a good solution having in mind, that the pixelsize should be as small as possible and accessible by a smartphone I’ve found the Sony QX 10 digital still camera.

This camera is acessible via a JSON-Interface which sends and recieves commands, the camera is streamed via an HTTP-protocoll. So exchanging the Camera-part in the APP is really easy!

to integrate it in the hardware, the steps required to have a lensless microscope are – of course- remove the lens! I’m just guessing, but I think warranty is then lost? Anyway 😉 .. It was a broken camera for 40 Euro on Ebay. If somebody tries this, look at the autofocus lens. In case it’s mechanically blocked, the device won’t work anymore – it did a long time until I figured out this error though..

ATTENTION: While experimenting with this camera for a few weeks, there came one day, when the device didn’t respond anymore. I think, that an ESD-part got shoked by my fingers. So take care of ESD-safety wear. All electronic parts are open and surface mounted, so an electronic discharge will kill it. After a second attempt to fix it, I thought it’s better using another approach. The Raspi-Holoscop was born!


Noise and resolution are great! The entire user-interface is also great! It’s comparable easy to integrate and parameters like ISO, are controllable. Exposure time is -again- managle via he exposure-compensation method, which is not that great, because you never really know if it’s keeping the time constant.


Another thing: The zoom-lens has to be attached to the main-board, otherwise there will be errors again. It’s a great item to use as a Z-stage motor 😉 .. It’s also comparable accurate.

I have problemes with GITHUB, so I’m still working on uploading the stuff.



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