Optotune Temperature Sensor Read out via Arduino

This code works with an Arduino and reads out the temperature sensor of an optotune focus variable lens. „Optotune Temperature Sensor Read out via Arduino“ weiterlesen


New Design for the iPerture

New Design for the iPerture

So. There is a now update on the iPerture project. The old electronics, consisting of an Arduino Nano, a Bluetooth Receiver HC-06 and a Canon Eos M to EF connector with an all new designed housing for all the parts. Its definitly a protoype which needs some fixes. It’s far from perfect, but it makes making images with an Sony XPERIA Z1 and a Canon 50mm EF possible. The small sensor (which is still quiet big for a smartphone; roughly 1/(2/3) inches at 21 MP) has a huge crop factor of about 4 or so. So the 50mm measured at 35 mm film equivalent is now a 150-200 mm.  „New Design for the iPerture“ weiterlesen

New Optic Design forthe iPerture

3D-printed case for the three lenses

In the previous parts of the iPerture-series, I’ve shown the basic idea of an imaging system which brings two things together. Adding a Canon Lens to an Android Phone and control its functions via Bluetooth.

Though the optic design wasn’t great. The basic idea was to bring the exit-pupil pupil of the Canon objective-lens into the entrance pupil of the Android phone. I’ve found two patents which could potentially model the two devices.

„New Optic Design forthe iPerture“ weiterlesen